Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies by Hugues Joublin

Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies by Hugues Joublin

Clinical trials are a very important step in drug development, and delays in the process can not just be costly in terms of money, but also in making sure the drug is produced and provided to those who need it as soon as possible.

Hugues Joublin explains that having solid clinical trial recruitment strategies in place can reduce some of these delays.

Why Clinical Trial Recruitment Needs to Be Fast by Hugues Joublin

Time is very sensitive in the medical industry, and this is just as true for clinical trials. According to Hugues Joublin, delays in the development of a drug can lead to operational costs up to $40,000, but opportunity costs can be as high as $8 million.

This also gets even more sensitive considering that many patients suffering from serious diseases have their lives on the line and require better treatment options as soon as possible.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies by Hugues Joublin

Finding patients who are willing to enter clinical trials is difficult. Here are some ways that, according to Hugues Joublin, can help.

Understanding Patients

When designing your study, make sure that you’re looking at it from the patient’s perspective. People are already suffering from their various ailments, and you don’t want to make it worse for them by adding unnecessary burden. Try to design a study that caters to them and ensures their comfort, while also getting valuable insights. People are more likely to join studies if they know their comfort is important.

Let Healthcare Providers Know

Hugues Joublin explains that most patients will not care for a stranger approaching them for a clinical trial, but are most likely to trust a healthcare provider who lets them know about the opportunity. Share information about your study and give any relevant details along with outreach materials so that you can get patients to apply on their own, without you having to go out hunting.

Work With a Company

There are plenty of recruitment companies that work in clinical trials who can help you find people who would be willing to join your study. Since recruitment is difficult, quite a few companies do this sort of work, but you have to be careful about who you sign up with. Find someone who is patient-centric so that you don’t risk any negative reputation later on.

Digital Campaigns

Nowadays, everything can be done digitally – even recruitment for clinical trials. Just like job openings get posted online, you can also post clinical trial details online. People who meet the conditions you specify can sign up on their own as they come across the advertisement. However, this can be difficult if you are targeting patients with specific ailments, since a majority of people will most likely be healthy.

In such cases, it is better to look in more focused areas, like hospitals or clinics where people who fit your target demographic are more likely to show up. Still, having a digital campaign running alongside can’t hurt.